The Day of Judgment Has Arrived – A Short Story

There was at one time a poor elderly person living with his youngsters in a little house. So poor was he that he could just figure out how to think about them in the wake of experiencing strenuous work. Inspite of their dad’s battle to fulfill them, the kids were unappreciative. Despite the fact that he kept perpetually perspiring days without end on his homestead to acquire the cash to bolster and dress them, they were not fulfilled … At the point when given nourishment, the ravenous kids would yell for additional… Out of dread, the dad would give them more. At whatever point he didn’t, they dashed for the pot and grabbed a lot of what he kept for the following day…

With respect to garments, they thought about the most in vogue ones. At whatever point he came back with common and modest ones, the youngsters would call them ‘dingy clothes’, snatch and discard them. They would then request more cash from him to purchase the stylish ones of their own decision.

The dad’s wellbeing with time separated and he couldn’t function as hard as before to acquire his living. The young men could never again eat as much as they might want to. They couldn’t get enough even to keep them healthy. Never again were they ready to get great garments to wear. Were presently The whimsical garments of their past wants had now gone far away from their brains.

At some point, the siblings were altogether grouped together on a tangle, ravenous and tragic when the most youthful of them stood up abruptly and reported, “I have a thought.” “Please out with it, dolt!” the others begged. ‘We could get down to business and find a new line of work,” the youthful chap said triumphantly, smiling as though he had quite recently found the remedy for helps.

‘Please now, idiotic,’ the oldest said. “Is that the most brilliant thought you can concoct? Wouldn’t you be able to see that the manner in which this nation has moved toward becoming it is the exact opposite thing one should seek after?’

‘All things considered, there is no damage in attempting,’ he countered. ‘Maybe we’ll strike it fortunate.’

‘Well,’ said the other sibling, “we could have a go at something different. Individuals are getting exceptionally disappointed nowadays… So we could without much of a stretch touch their hearts with something that has claim and we wouldn’t simply live, we’d live actually well.’

‘Great man!’ yelled the others enthusiastically, ‘We should hear it, man. How about we hear it!’

‘We’ll move out to the most distant piece of the nation,’ he expressed, ‘and set up ourselves in the congregation business. We would win numerous spirits who might contribute liberally to assemble our main goal’

‘Awesome thought,’ they all yelled in extraordinary energy. Fabulous, man! We will have loads of cash. Before long we will all be tycoons! Goodness what an incredible day that will be for us all!’

They set out the following day on board a minibus. They went over significant lots of common parkways. After around five hours’ of a tiring adventure over harsh streets, they touched base at an inadequately populated town. They got out and proceeded with whatever is left of their voyage by walking. In the wake of trekking far through thick backwoods, they touched base at a remote Fakai. It was evening in this remote town and individuals were assembled in the town square.

‘Goodbye, great individuals,’ they chorused, ‘We are men who have been going round the nation spreading the ‘Uplifting news’ with an end goal to improve your lives and fulfill you::’ The general population grasped them with enjoyment and gave them a cheerful welcome.

The following day they began leading faith gatherings in a little clearing in the focal point of the town. As this proceeded with ordinary, a lot more individuals in the town got pulled in.

Inside a couple of months, a congregation was constructed and outfitted. The siblings took all the imperative positions for themselves. The oldest was the Vicar, the following in line was the Clergyman and the third the Lay peruser. The most youthful, being under age, was made more clean. The congregation currently was completely settled in the network, with an ever increasing number of individuals rushing to it. The siblings, who had gone to the town watching lean and exhausted, were presently stout and honorable looking. The town was around then left helpless before an efficient band of hoodlums. Endeavors to control their exercises brought no outcomes. Nobody felt safe enough to rest around evening time. Individuals remained alert as though on watch. The scarcest sound offered ascend to a feeling of dread and powerlessness.

A gathering was called at the town square. A significant number of the residents accumulated in the blink of an eye in light of the direness and earnestness of the issue. They talked about the terrible things going on in the town. The high purpose of the get together was a location by an elderly person.

‘Things have gone down the drain. The beneficial relics of times gone by are no more. Individuals are currently carrying on like wilderness monsters. Long gone are the days when the seniors were regarded. Individuals are childish now, with no thought for other people… Malicious doing has turned into a game; everybody is playing it with the most extreme happiness. Individuals, to crush each other they utilize a wide range of methods. Everybody needs influence and wealth, and they are not reluctant to do anything in their hurry to get them.”

“Taking is never again the genuine wrongdoing it used to be. . .Huge cheats flourish and stuff on us, while we continue enduring. Be that as it may, let them not feel that they are getting their way, for they are absolutely not! For God is watching us from above and observing all our insidious ways. Truly, he is checking out the entirety of your wicked demonstrations. As God is tallying, so will Satan tally. Besides, Upon the arrival OF JUDGMENT, them two, remaining on inverse sides will choose the individuals who have made themselves fit to run with both of them. Satan will set his gathering on one side and God will have his on the other. Presently is your opportunity to atone and favor one side with God before occasions surpass you…’

The siblings flashed knowing looks at one another. The gathering then proceeded. After each task, the cheats reassembled at the lawn of the congregation to share out their plunder. On Saturday morning, they returned there with a massive goods. Towards day break, the cleaner turned out to discard some messy water. He tossed it into the canal and was backtracking his means inside when he was struck by voices radiating from the very lawn he was withdrawing from. He halted and listened cautiously. He heard it just too unmistakably .presently:

“You one, you one, you one, me one, . You one, you one, you one, me one … ” As he swung to go, the voices emitted once more.

“You one, you one, you one, me one .

You one, you one, you one, me one … ”

His psyche returned to the expressions of the elderly person at the gathering: He knew immediately that it was Satan and God talking.

‘Eeeehhh! , .. Luud a’ benevolence gracious!’ he shouted as the acknowledgment occurred to him. ‘So soon? She realized it was coming so soon; yet she didn’t caution us to get ready? What would it be a good idea for me to do now? Goodness ya, it’s past the point of no return! The DAY of JUDGMENT is currently here! … Goodness Father! … Gracious Dad Lord have mercy on me! Help me, God!” he cried, tossing his head here and there in profound supplication.

In the interim, the cheats kept sharing out their plunder in the corner. Recalling a few things dropped on the way, one asked, ‘Shouldn’t something be said about the ones on the way? Who will have them?’


The cleaner was stunned. His head was spinning. what’s more, turning in agony. His heart continued pulsating hard and persistently against his chest, as though attempting to blast free from that point. He was sure his time had come.


‘Where are the ones on the way? I’ve not seen them yet!’ The voices struck him closer than previously. His entire casing was currently set in fierce vibrations. His heart was palpitating at a demise inciting rate. His mind was turning inside his head. Nothing appeared to have a place with him any more. Maybe he was skimming in mid-air. His feet automatically begun fleeing with him, while he continued arguing boisterously, ‘Goodness God, show kindness, I ask I beseech you please show leniency, gracious God, I implore you!’ His noisy cries conveyed his siblings out to perceive what was going on. They were stunned when they saw their sibling in such a state. They kept running towards him, asking him what the issue was.

“The day of Judgment has come! I saw God and Satan picking who ought to run with them.”

They couldn’t hang tight for additional. They pursued their more youthful sibling until they touched base at a far off woods where they stayed outdoors and started imploring intensely. From that point forward they have stayed there asking and trusting that God will want them. They are as yet pausing.

Arthur Smith was conceived and was educated in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He has trained English since 1977 at Ruler of Grains School and, Milton Margai School of Instruction. He is presently a Senior Instructor at Fourah Cove School where he has been addressing English language and Writing for as far back as eight years.

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