Father Excuse Them For They Know Not What They Do – Once more, Goodness Truly, is That So?

I might want, first, to apologize to any perusers of my articles who may have perused the above section of Blessed Sacred text somewhere else and comprehended it to be valid as written in the KJV, as did I, until I was remedied by another devotee as of late. I wish to express gratitude toward him now to do as such, in light of the fact that, for me, to continue tolerating this stanza as composed would have been a calamitous slip-up. I have rectified one of my articles as of now and will seek out the others and redress those as well. This, as well, is mostly my blame, since I ought to have checked this section in the Greek MSS where it peruses uniquely in contrast to the KJV.

Let us get straight to the point, for this issue is of foremost significance as far as its repercussions, in that Yashua Blessed is currently much increasingly not at all like the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious depictions of what they think He resembled i.e powerless, since quite a while ago haired and limp-wristed. I have composed different articles, as well, so as to expel Yashua Blessed’s name from the biased and debased thoughts of what the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion has incorrectly thought and instructed He resembled. They have done this during that time to keep their hoodwinked lemmings tailing them and their evil religion rather than Yashua Blessed.

This refrain, however, has a beguiling measurement the majority of its own and its mistranslation conveys outcomes of calamitous extents. When we assess it in The Light of the entire push of His Gospel message it makes a huge difference we have recently accepted to be valid. Truth be told, this issue has direct associations with the first sin in the Greenery enclosure of Eden

Presently, the same number of you will definitely know, I generally lecture, and have dependably lectured, that our Godhead is a benevolent, all cherishing and all lenient, Godhead. Presently don’t misunderstand me, since They are, however the right interpretation of this section discloses to us that there were a few people whom Yashua Blessed asked His Dad not to excuse. Along these lines, right away, how about we duplicate out Luke 23:34 as it is written in the KJV, at that point from the Greek MSS transliteral and furthermore from the Aramaic Peshitta:

Luke 23:34 (KJV) At that point said Jesus, Father, pardon them; for they know not what they do. Furthermore, they separated his garment, and make bets.

Luke 23:34 (Greek MSS transliteral) The yet Jesus said Father from-let (excuse you) to (them) not for they have seen (they know) any (what) they are doing being-through-separated (isolating) yet the articles of clothing of Him they cast (past) parcels.

Luke 23:34 (Aramaic Peshitta) Father excuse them not for they do recognize what they are doing.

Presently, what about that for an amazing disclosure and what questions does it raise as far as what we have recently comprehended this Sacred writing to mean? What number of Scriptural focuses does it flip around? So how about we dissect a couple of the more essential factors that leave the genuine rendering of this stanza. All things considered, the first is, for what reason did the interpreters debase Reality along these lines and what were they endeavoring to cover up? What, as well, was their motivation on this issue and who were they endeavoring to shield or avoid negative consideration from? Who, specifically, was Yashua Blessed asking the Dad not to excuse? Was it the Pharisee Canaanite Jews, was it the Romans, was it both or was it we all for we as a whole, figuratively, killed Yashua Blessed and are all needing His redemptive penance and His nurturing restoration, symbolized by Immersion in the watery grave and the laying on of hands to get The Essence of God as we rise up out of that watery grave.

Be that as it may, the focuses here are these:

1) We know Yashua Blessed came to spare those the Dad was going to call to Him – the fated as well as The Choose. So this announcement does not make a difference to them, yet shouldn’t something be said about the remainder of humanity?

2) Critically, we likewise realize that there can be no pardoning of any transgression without atonement:

Luke 17:3 (KJV) Notice to yourselves: If thy sibling trespass against thee, reprimand him; and on the off chance that he apologize, pardon him.

In view of the above Sacred writing simply take a gander at the frame of mind of those Yashua Blessed should request that the Dad excuse: “And they separated his clothing, and throw dice.” How have we missed this outrightly abhorrent and sinister scornful point for the majority of this time? These hard shrewd men couldn’t have thought less about what they had quite recently done to The Dad’s solitary sired Child – the Ruler of rulers and Master of rulers and Our Master and Guardian angel. Let’s get straight to the point about this critical point – no atonement = no pardoning.

3) alright, we have now limited it down to a select number of individuals, however who are these individuals? Simple, simply ask yourself who most needed Yashua Blessed dead and off the beaten path? Who considered Him to be a perilous risk? Who had Yashua Blessed disturbed the most? Once more, that is anything but difficult to reply; the men of the Canaanite Jewish religion – The Pharisees and the men of cash, the Canaanite Jewish usurers, those whose tables Yashua Blessed upset in the Sanctuary forecourt. At the end of the day, the entire stinking spoiled and degenerate Roman/Canaanite Jewish religious, political, budgetary building – The Mammoth Cash Domain and The Monster Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. Yashua Blessed had discovered them out and had uncovered them for what they were – degenerate, stealing, lying, deadly children of the Fallen angel.

Presently, so as to get the full comprehension of this we should start see this issue as both an otherworldly thing and a physical thing. Both the otherworldly measurement and the physical measurement are immortal and in light of the fact that they are ageless they do two things: 1) they return us to the start with Adam and Eve and the Fallen angel in the Greenery enclosure who created Cain and 2) they empower us to go ahead so as to address why the interpreters of the Lord James Book of scriptures, in the mid seventeenth century, would go to all the inconvenience of changing this section of Heavenly Sacred text? As I expressed before, who were they endeavoring to ensure, the Pharisee Canaanite Jewish notoriety or the unholy Roman Realm’s notoriety? Well clearly it’s both.

Might it be able to likewise be that the demonstration of messing with this stanza was as though the interpreters were exceptionally mindful that the profound and physical relatives of the culprits of the most offensive wrongdoing in the historical backdrop of humanity were still near? Truly, obviously. We need, as well, to comprehend that these illegitimates were as yet dynamic 1,600 years after the occasion when the KJV was interpreted and, no doubt about it; they are without a doubt still with us today.

So who are these 21st century otherworldly and physical agents and relatives of those first century killing lawbreakers that Yashua Blessed asked the Dad not to pardon? Well you know, isn’t that right? Well you will in case you’re a customary peruser of my articles? These advanced delegates are the Canaanite Jewish (non-Jews) of the Partial Save Banking framework and the Prostitute of Babylon, the Mother of Whores in Rome. These are the two gatherings of individuals which comprise the Synagogue of Satan that Yashua Blessed notices in Disclosure 2:9 and 3:9.

Rev 2:9 (KJV) I know thy works, and tribulation, and destitution, (yet thou workmanship rich) and I know the irreverence of them which state they are Jews, and are not, however are The Synagogue of Satan.

Rev 3:9 (KJV) View, I will make them of The Synagogue of Satan, which state they are Jews, and are not, yet do lie; observe, I will make them to come and love before thy feet, and to realize that I have adored thee.

These are the general population who are not pardoned and remain unforgiven right up ’til the present time and that is the reason He will say to them in the main revival: “Leave from me ye who work injustice for I never knew you.” Presently would you be able to see the centrality of Yashua Blessed’s announcement and how it applies to these individuals, for they both think they are Top dog Honey bees and top of the load? One gathering supposes they God’s picked individuals, when they are not, and different supposes they are Christ’s Congregation with an alleged Vicar of Christ at the head. This, my companions, is the spoiled structure that Yashua Blessed is coming to annihilate and wipe from the essence of the earth like refuse overwhelmed from the sifting floor.

Dan 2:31-35 (KJV) Thou, O ruler, sawest, and observe an extraordinary picture. This incredible picture, whose splendor was phenomenal, remained before thee; and the structure thereof was horrendous. 32 This current picture’s head was of fine gold, his bosom and his arms of silver, his gut and his thighs of metal, 33 His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of earth. 34 Thou sawest till that a stone was removed without hands, which destroyed the picture upon his feet that were of iron and dirt, and brake them to pieces. 35 Then was the iron, the dirt, the metal, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and ended up like the waste of the mid year sifting floors; and the breeze diverted them, that no spot was found for them: and the stone that destroyed the picture turned into an incredible mountain, and filled the entire earth.

Here in the above Blessed Sacred writings in refrains 33-35 we can perceive how The Mud – the Canaanite Jews and The Iron – the unholy Roman Realm are blended together which, thus, debilitates Nebuchadnezzar’s Picture by making it extremely fragile and when struck by The Stone cut without hands it crushes the picture into residue like particles that overwhelm on the breeze gone forever. Ruler rush that day.

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