Stories My Dad Never Told

I surmise my soonest memory of my dad’s adventures happened when I was around eight or nine. Similar to the family custom to dependably take a seat to supper quickly at 6, I can recollect in blissful fervor when my dad related the days when he was youthful. “Past times worth remembering” as my dad […]

The Three Musketeers – Father, Child and Essence of God

There was previously an educator who was showing first grade in an extensive primary school. One morning the majority of the educators were called to the staff space for a crisis meeting, and they rushed over, leaving their classes unsupervised. The majority of the educators were stressed, yet none more so than this specific instructor, […]

Fit To Be a Dad

The fantasy marriage arrives at an unexpected end. The glass of the surrounded wedding picture has been broken. The front room furniture, when thought about a spot for family gatherings and cooperation, has been isolated; it will be named “network property” in legalese and will be battled about in a family court between two gatherings. […]

Upon My Dad’s Passing

Upon my dad’s passing Michael winced, flicked just an eye, which consumed with stale blood. It had been quite a while since a breath came to him, and when it did it was slim. In the hour past he had abandoned breathing, lying at the base of the stairs, his swollen head held up into […]

The Puzzle Of God The Child And God The Dad

With all the perplexity and discussions encompassing the contentions about whether Jesus Christ is God, there is the need to allude to sacred writings for comprehension to prepare for legitimizing what may seem genuine yet off base. Various perspectives develop about the persona of Christ, yet a genuine declaration is without uncertainty and unreservedly communicated […]